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Milftoon Beach (2012/ENG/PC)

Milftoon Beach (2012/ENG/PC)
3D игра для взрослых, где один сорванец в очках, приехал отдыхать на пляж со своей семьёй...
 Прохожденине на Англайском.
1 Nurse
Get the stone behind the toilet/bathroom (to the left)
Use the stone to cut yourself
Go to the nurse and ask her to bandage you..
Use the code on the keypad to get the syringe
Take the ingredient on the desk
2 Bargirl
Talk to dad and aunt.
Talk to mom on the beach.
Take yellow rubber band next to her.
Use the broken shower.
Take the floss from the garbage bin next to the shower
Talk to mom again. Now she leaves the beach.
Talk to the receptionist to get the room key.
Talk to dad and aun again.Now they leave.
Now you can take dad's wallet in the bar. Inspect it so you get money and card key.
Take the ingredient in the bar.
Talk to the bargirl on the beach.
Go to room 101 and use the key.
Take the champagne in the bathroom.
Take the towel in the bathroom.
Mix the ingredients together and use it on the bath to create glue.
Use the syringe on the green glass/drugs.
Mix the syringe with the champagne to create spiked drink.
Give the spiked drink to the bargirl on the beach.
Talk to the guy on the left close to the bargril.
Talk to receptionist to make him leave.
Go to the souvenir shop and use the door to peek inside..
You automaticly get the pictures of mom.
Take the tiki doll and use the glue to fix it.
Give the fixed tiki doll to the guy on the right close to the bargril.
Talk to the bargirl again.
Go to room..
3 Receptionist
Talk to bargirl in your room. You get a roomkey.
Go to room 102 and use the key from the bargirl.
Use the bedstand to get cigarette in room 102.
Use the code on the keypad behind the painting in room 102.
Use the key you got from the keypad on the shed door behind the fancy mansion. (To the right of the main entrance of the hotel)
Inspect the carpet for a locked cellar door in the shed.
Use the cigarette on the fire in the shed.
Go to souvenir shop and use money on the merchant to get swis knife.
Give the cigarette to the bargirl in room 101. You get a cardkey.
Use the cardkey on the keypad of the fancy mansion.
Use the computer and obtain the camera recordings.
Combine camera recordings with pictures of mom. Talk to the souvenier merchant. Give him the evidence(camera+pictures) to get a key.
Use the key on the locked cellar door in the shed.
Talk to the weird guy. Give him the yellow rubber band. You get the master 103 room key
Go to room 103 and use the key..
Use the code on the keypad to get a pen.
Use the pen on dad.
Use the signed document on the printer in the door where you found the tiki doll/mom's pictures. (door in souvenir shop)
Use the signed document on the receptionist..
You get a cardkey to enter the fancy mansion again.
4 Sister
Go to the beach and the sister will be gone.
Go to the toilet/bathroom (where you found the stone to cut yourself). Talk to the door.
Give your sister the towel and the floss..
Inside the toilet/bathroom inspect the trashbin to get dildo.
Use the swis knife on the dildo to get batteries.
5 Mom
Go to the fancy mansion and use the receptionists cardkey on the keypad.
Inspect the cardkey to get acceskey.
Go to the bedroom and turn off the lights.
Inspect the pillow to get a strange device.
Combine batteries with the strange device.
Use strange device on the eye of the painting in the bedroom.
Use acceskey on the door of the toilet in the bathroom.
Go to the bedroom..
Infirmary: 1692
Barwoman's room: 3528
Father's room: 6388
Год выпуска: 2012
Жанр: MILF, 3D, ADV
Издательство: Milftoon
OС: WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7
Тип издания: Лицензия
Версия: 0.8
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Интерфейс: Английский
Цензура: Отсутствует
Размер: 257 Mb
Скачать: Milftoon Beach
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